Current State of the Phillies– Spring Training is Going Along Swimmingly

Yesterday was the Phillies‘ first full-squad workout, and all players were there and accounted for. Most players showed up early, such as Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins, who usually arrives last minute.

Victorino spoke to the media a few days ago, and said some pretty Victorino-like things: “This team has one thing in mind, and that’s to win.” also, “We have a lot of things to go out there and work on, but that’s why we’re here, and we have to take it one day at a time.” Calm, cool, and collective. Mahalo, brah!

The very humble Chase Utley also spoke to the media: “For me, I try not to look too far ahead, but it’s no secret that we have a very strong pitching staff and experienced team, and we know how to win, so, we’re all working hard this off-season and continue to get better, so, we’ll just go from there.”

Jimmy Rollins made a prediction when he stated: “We’ll win 100 games, I really plan on going after, who is it, Seattle won 116 or something recently.” and he also feels very confident that he will remain on the team after the 2011 season, when his contract is up; “Obviously that’s up to me. I help them make a decision, so if I do good, it makes it easy on them. if I don’t do good, which I don’t plan on happening, it will be a very tough decision.” Jimmy should have one hell of a season, seeing that he arrived early to spring training, he ran 5 miles for 2 days of the week, and also did yoga on those 2 days.

Other than the players taking batting practice and the pitchers throwing bullpen sessions, there really isn’t much news. Spring training is going very well after 6 days, so I leave you with the fact that this is the last weekend without a baseball game for a long, long time.


I am now blogging for the Cape May County Herald, and I will not be posting articles on here as often as I usually do, so check out CBPhresh here.


One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    Best thing I heard about Chase Utley this Spring is that he is going to “pick the brain” of new Coach Ryne Sandberg.
    It is not often you get a HOF member on your staff, much less a guy who matured and played your same position for such a long and storied career.
    Might be inspirational, and a bit educational for Utley to see he doesn’t have to up the gym reps or pound on the weights to stay grounded at second.
    Having Sandberg there for Utley to learn from might be a hidden gem this Spring.

    Rays Renegade

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